Instructions for presenters

Instructions for presenters / announcement for participants

Preparation of the presentation: slides in English, presentation in Slovenian (for national speakers). When preparing slides in PowerPoint, select under “design” the slide size “widescreen16:9”.

Keep to the time limit for your presentation. If you exceed the time limit, your presentation will be automatically stopped.

For a reduced participation fee, annual membership of the Slovenian Society of Ophthalmology (ZOS) and the Slovenian Medical Association (SZD) must be paid on time (to the SZD only active specialists, no residents).

Only residents of ophthalmology will be evaluated in the “competition programme” based on the following criteria (each criterion maximum 10 points):

  • relevance to clinical practise
  • relevance for research
  • added knowledge to the particular field
  • clearly stated message
  • performance

—Congress Organizing Committee